Planet Zoo Update 1.12.2 [Patchnotes]

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    Hayo Zookeepers!

    Update 1.12.2 is now available for download. Simply update your game before you play! This update includes various bug fixes, and you can read more below:

    General Bug Fixes and Improvements

    • Animals
      • Nine-Banded Armadillo adult male and female will now interact with the Natural Termite Mound
    • Game Modes
      • Fixed an issue where updating the terrain in diorama mode would cover paths, changed to match all over terrain tools
    • Guests
      • Fixed an issue where tour guests wouldn't use the bins they passed while following a presenter
    • Scenery
      • Added localisation for the Education sub category under Facilities in the browser
    • UI
      • Fixed an issue with the 'Facility Inaccessible' notification coming up for tour spots
      • Fixed an issue with animal navigation heatmaps not updating after switching to a different animal
    • Crashes
      • Fixed a crash that could occur when assigning a vendor to a single shop
      • Fixed a crash that could occur sometimes after multiple butterfly births in the same frame push the population over the exhibit limit
      • Fixed a crash that could happen if a butterfly dies while landing on a guest
      • Fixed a rare crash that could happen when manipulating tour spots in the tour manager

    Known Issues

    • If you have a save with over 95 butterflies in a single exhibit that crashed due to the exhibit limit, clearing these out below the limit should now avoid this crash

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