UPDATE: Patch Notes (ver.

  • Der nächste Patch ist eingetroffen:

    stuff around the world and speed up the economy of your settlement.

    Patch notes (ver.

    • Implemented a bigger variety of wild animals. A friendly hint: do not try to scratch a wild bear with a primitive axe ;)
    • Most of the wild animals can be tamed and domesticated for further breeding in your stables and barns
    • Implemented wheeled transportation to move a larger amount of stuff around the world. Wheelbarrows and carts are now working!
    • Tweaked a lot of weapons parameters. Weapons have become more lethal now
    • Reworked most of the wild animals sounds
    • Wild animals should no longer make double attack hits
    • Sloped wall sections can now be constructed without GM mode
    • Fixed some client side crashes
    • Some minor client side optimizations


    -"Ich finde die Aussage vage und wenig überzeugend"

  • Server habe ich gestern Abend auch dem Update unterzogen.
    Wer will kann testen :thumbup:

    MfG Laudazius