Aven Colony Update 1.0.20618

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    Da es dieses mal nur ein paar Bugfixes gab, spare ich mir das übersetzen mal. Es wird nur wieder darüber geredet, dass sie an einem kleinen kostenlosen DLC arbeiten, zudem gab es auch wieder Verbesserungen der Deutschen Sparchtexte. Falls doch eine Übersetzung gewünscht wird, schreibt mir einfach :)

    Hi everyone!

    Post-launch update #5 is now live. This update includes tons of bug fixes, especially for localized text, and many tuning tweaks.

    Keep in mind, we're simultaneously working toward Content Drop 1, which will add several new buildings to the game. We're dying to announce it! Stay tuned ... we expect Content Drop 1 sometime in the next 3-6 weeks.

    Bug fixes:

    • Sandbox missions now have trade contracts to trade Gold for Nanites and Zorium.
    • Campaign missions now include a progress bar showing mission completion in the "Info" pane of the Colony Control Panel
    • Tons of fixes to text in French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, and Russian
    • Lots of UI layout fixes to localized text
    • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to protect a colony from plague spores by placing inactive, disconnected Intake Fans around it
    • Fixed an issue where Mines would have higher productivity after loading from a saved game
    • Fixed bug where expedition vessel colors could be mismatched after loading from a saved game
    • The starting Construction Drone Station in sandbox Tenari Glacier can now be recycled

    Tuning Changes:

    • Increased Farm productivity and decreased Greenhouse productivity for all tiers (roughly +3% for Farms and -3% for Greenhouses)
    • Greenhouses now cost 1 more Nanite
    • Laser Mines are now 2 Nanites cheaper
    • Laser Mines now only waste 40% of minerals, not 50% -- localization adjustments needed!
    • All deposits can now be mined faster -- 5% faster for Iron and Copper, 20% faster for Potash, and 10% faster for all others
    • Nanite Processors are now 5% more productive
    • Lightning Towers now convert roughly 15% less electricity to stored power in Energy Batteries
    • All colony boosts now consume stored power in Energy Batteries roughly 10% more quickly
    • Morale should be very slightly lower at normal difficulty (and difficulty settings near normal) for medium and large colonies

    Additional fixes in update #6:

    • Adding path points to an expedition vessel that already has a path will no longer reset the current path
    • Fixed a rare issue with plague spore microbes sometimes disappearing depending on the camera position
    • Various additional UI fixes for localization


    Thank you for being part of the Aven Colony community and helping us continually make Aven Colony even better.