Aven Colony Update 1.0.20712

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    Es gab nur wieder ein paar kleine Verbesserungen, große Updates mit Neuerungen werden dann wieder wie gewohnt übersetzt.

    Hi everyone!

    As we work toward the upcoming Content Drop 1 (due sometime in the next 3-5 weeks), we saw a few opportunities to improve performance and address some player feedback.

    We felt it better to update the game ASAP with these changes so that you could start seeing the benefits immediately rather than asking you to wait for Content Drop 1.


    • Performance improvements when a large colony is infected by the plague
    • Improved rendering performance when looking towards the horizon
    • Notifications about plague spores, plague infections, and creep spores will no longer accumulate as multiple notifications unless they occur in disparate parts of a colony
    • Increased the maximum warning time interval for many notification types
    • Tweaks to prevent Commissioner Veronika from issuing warnings too frequently in some rare cases
    • Fixed a rare issue where certain plague spores could be hidden behind the ocean in Kelori Strand at certain camera angles
    • Lots of improvements to plague infection spreading to make it more consistent and scale with the difficulty setting; plague will now spread more slowly at easier difficulty settings and more quickly at harder settings (controlled by the Environment Events setting in sandbox games)
    • The food rate-of-change indicator now properly accounts for manufactured foods


    Thank you for being a part of the Aven Colony community. Hang tight; we've got some really exciting new content on the way!

    -Paul Tozour and the Mothership Entertainment Team